Diaper Bag Checklist: What to pack in your diaper bag

Diaper Bag Checklist: What to pack in your diaper bag

When Nyzelle leaves her house and packs for her toddler, she admits to probably overpacking. But that's what moms do, they prepare for the expected and unexpected!

gray bunso diaper bag carried by mom with her son

A well-packed diaper bag is a lifesaver for parents, as it ensures you're prepared for a variety of situations when you're on the go with your baby. Here's a list of essential items that you can't leave home without:

  1. Diapers: This is a no-brainer. Pack at least one diaper for every hour you plan to be out, plus a few extra, just in case.

  2. Wipes: Baby wipes are handy for diaper changes, cleaning hands and faces, and other unexpected messes.

  3. Changing pad: Many diaper bags come with a built-in changing pad, but if yours doesn't, consider packing a portable one to create a clean surface for diaper changes.

  4. Diaper cream: To prevent and treat diaper rash.

  5. Baby blanket: For warmth, covering while nursing, or providing a clean surface.

  6. Extra baby clothes: A change of clothes (onesies, socks, and a hat) for your baby in case of spills, diaper blowouts, or weather changes.

  7. Burp cloths or bibs: To wipe up spit-up and drool.

  8. Pacifiers and pacifier holder: If your baby uses one.

  9. Bottles and formula or breast milk: If you're bottle-feeding, carry pre-measured formula and water in separate containers or a ready-to-use bottle.

  10. Snacks and baby food: For older infants, pack easy-to-eat snacks or jars of baby food and a spoon.

  11. Baby utensils: If needed for feeding your baby.

  12. Breastfeeding cover or nursing shawl: If you're breastfeeding.

  13. Bottled water and a snack for yourself: Staying hydrated and fueled is essential for you.

  14. Hand sanitizer: For cleaning your hands before and after diaper changes or feedings.

  15. Plastic bags or Doggie Poop bags: For disposing of dirty diapers or soiled clothes and for organizing items in your bag.

  16. Baby toys or books: To keep your baby entertained while on the go.

  17. Baby sunscreen and a sun hat: If you'll be outdoors.

  18. Baby first aid kit: Include baby-safe items like infant acetaminophen, adhesive bandages, and a digital thermometer.

  19. Wet bag: A waterproof bag to store wet or soiled items, like cloth diapers or clothes.

  20. Emergency contact information: Have a card with your contact information, your baby's information, and any allergies or medical conditions in case of an emergency.

inside of a bunso diaper bag

The specific items you pack may vary depending on your baby's age and your personal preferences and where you're going and for how long. Be sure to periodically check and restock your diaper bag as your baby grows and their needs change. It's also a good idea to customize your bag to the season and the duration of your outing. 

For Nyzelle, her gray Bunso Neoperene Diaper Bag does the job since it comes with a wet bag for dirty clothes and over a dozen compartments and pockets for everything she wants to bring. The lightweight neoprene material doesn't break her back or her bank because it's as affordable as it is functional! 

Check out this video where she shows us, what's in her  diaper bag!



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