3 Ways a  Diaper Bag Changing Station Comes in Handy

3 Ways a Diaper Bag Changing Station Comes in Handy

When Macy went to the mall with her 2 kids and her mom, she thought it would be a perfect time for her 6 month old, Maxine, to take a nap while they walked around. Instead, Maxine had other plans and sitting in her moving stroller was not one of them.

"OMG! Guess what saved us at the mall? She was screaming bloody murder before this picture!" Macy messaged us on our Instagram account along with photos of her very relaxed baby, Maxine.

baby laying down in diaper bag with changing station bassinett

"My mom was like, 'you should have a bassinet stroller' and I realized, 'oh snap I DO have a bassinet right now!"

Within seconds, Macy pulled out her  gray 2-in-1 Bunso Baby Bag and was able to take Maxine out of the stroller and lay her flat in her portable changing station portion of her diaper bag, which is a perfect flat surface for the baby to lay down in.

When we say the 2-in-1 Bunso bag is more thana a diaper bag, we mean it :) Here are the 3 ways it can come in handy:

1. Perfect for the baby to stretch out and relax and feel like they're at home in in their crib, no matter where you are, including the mall. Just look at Maxine's relaxed face!

baby girl laying down and looking at the camera

2. Anywhere is the perfect place to change your baby's diapers! No more looking frantically looking for a clean and sanitary place to change your baby's diapers!  For Aris and Xam, they can change their baby's diapers on the spot, within seconds of finding out.  And we all know how dirty public restrooms are in parks...eeek!

bunso baby diaper bag with a baby in it

3. Your baby can be part of the party while in their Bunso Baby bag!  When Debra Mae went out for a tea party with her girlfriends, she knew she wanted to bring her baby girl, Mina, along with her.  Not only did Mina come along, Debra Mae enjoyed time with her friends while Mina took a seat at the table with everyone else and when she needed to be changed, her mom didn't have to leave the table because she had her Navy 2-in-1 Bunso bag! 

Baby in Bunso baby bag at a tea party

The 2-in-1 Bunso Bag is the perfect baby shower gift for every new parent. Not only is it spacious inside but its lightweight and has so many functions. With its simple, minimalist design, both mom and dad can wear it for any occasion! 

Shop the collection and choose from black, navy or gray...because it's more than a diaper bag!

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